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Tell us about your thrift journey.

- My thrift journey began at the young age of 14. I was creative and experimental in my style with no money. Where else can a broke teenager go to cut up t shirts and fray jeans without emptying my pockets? My weekends were full of buying shirts for under a $1 that I could re deign and make my own. As an adult, thrifting is a staple in my life. Feeling confident does not need to cost a paycheck and effect the environment. Shopping secondhand is good for your bank and the planet as well. 


Why are you passionate about secondhand shopping?

- I am passionate because secondhand supports everybody! Shopping at a local SPCA or Hospice thrift store puts your money back into the community as well as taking away supply and demand from a corporate chain destroying the environment. When people feel their best, they do their best. The world would be a better place if everybody felt confident. 

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Xochitl is currently the Personal Stylist at Freestyles Clothing Exchange in Sacramento, CA. Contact the Freestyles near you to book an appointment!

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Xochitl has worked with Goodwill's styling events as a stylist to share tips for finding and assembling top fashions at bargain prices. Xochitl was the experts to give personalized advice on how to make shopping fun and rewarding. At these events customers have a chance to browse the shelves as well as the special racks of merchandise that is personalized by each of the stylists.


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