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What Makes this Artist Unique?

A songwriter at her core, Xochitl writes a variety of genres from jazz, childrens, rock, pop, electronic, and country. All music is available on Spotify, iTunes & Apple.

Her ability to switch and write for all genres, her passion to inspire others, and connect with an all age audience.

Not only is Coyote Creates an artist, Coyote Creates is a brand within herself. She represents her love for art, music, activism, the environment, and youth. Xochitl works equally as hard supporting creative youth as she does on her music and is excited to inspire young girls to play music. She promotes her love for the environment by educating people on the importance of secondhand clothing. 

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- 'Lion Heart' hit top of "Singer-Songwriter" & "New EP" iTunes charts February 2016. 

-Public recognition from famous YouTuber, Jenna Marbles on 'The Chico Song' (Childrens Album)

-11k+ views in 1 month on original song & video "Rise Up" #Resist. 

-Featured performer at Womens March Sacramento January 2018.

- Sponsored and backed by various companies; DPmusic, QSC, Kyser Capos, Seagull Guitars.

- Signed to "SoFar" Sounds

- Over 16k+ loyal & active followers on social media accounts.

- Performed NAMM Main Stage January 2018

- Multiple tours throughout United States. Large following on West & East coast.

- 8 Albums available on all online platforms

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