Not only does Xochitl have a full schedule with music and youtube, you can find her volunteering and these awesome organizations. Xochitl is passionate about empowering youth, saving the environment and helping animals.


girls rock sac

GIRLS ROCK SACRAMENTO is an organization that empowers young women ages 4-18 through music. There is a ladies rock camp as well! Xochitl began working with Girls Rock in 2016 as a guest performer and few walk in sessions, but in 2017 Xochitl used her sponsorship with DPS music to give the organization over $1,000 of instruments, cables, strings, etc. Xochitl was head vocal & guitar coach for Girls Rock in 2017 and plans to be coaching in 2018 as well. Xochitl filmed and created videos promoting Girls Rock. 


916 ink

916 INK's mission is to empower youth through creative writing. Starting in 2017, Xochitl has given her time as a guest editor in the classroom editing student stories and also photographing book release ceremonies when students projects are published.

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woman's march sac

WOMENS MARCH SACRAMENTO asked Xochitl to coordinate the Youth Committee for 2017 as well as manage the Sacramento Instagram account. Tasks included gathering 17 youth organizers weekly to discuss organizing their portion of the rally, creating video content during meetings, and filming/editing all videos & photos posted on Instagram. This includes the Youth Committees video to Greta Gerwig from Lady Bird to come speak at the march!



In 2016 Xochitl had the chance to visit a dairy farm to see her favorite animal, cows. "Upon arriving, I was horrified and disgusted the way these animals looked. Standing in their own feces, eating other cow feces, I could only imagine what was in my food from that moment and what happens to these animals behind the scenes." 

After her experience at the dairy farm in California, Xochitl has advocated a meat-free life. "I believe introducing people to vegetarianism is important because most people have no idea where their food is coming from or whats in in. Asking the question turns wheels in heads which is how change begins. Everybody must take their time while doing things on their terms so we have steady and constant change. Slow and steady always wins the race. It is not about being perfect but doing your best."

Xochitl encourages the vegetarian lifestyle not through anger and force, but by leading by example. 

Xochitl has advocated for cruelty free products since 2014. She promotes companies that do not test on animals. On Instagram & YouTube, you can find occasional tips and tricks on how to switch your current products for cruelty free & environmentally friendly items instead.


Where her love for activism all began, the environment. When becoming educated about the state our planet is in, Xochitl was quick to change her life style to become more minimalist and environmentally friendly. Xochitl promotes Secondhand Shopping as one of the easiest ways to be more eco-friendly.  You can find videos of Xochitl promoting thrift stores encouraging others to re use items instead of buying new. Xochitl posts videos on YouTube frequently showing others how to thrift, style, and be creative with up cycling clothing.

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